As seen on TV

I’m an associate creative director, philosophy instructor, and father to: three small children, two rescue pups and a lop-eared rabbit named Juniper. So basically my entire life is about getting through to people who aren’t really listening.

Mostly I feel like an infomercial pitchman. Especially that one time.


But wait, there’s more!

In my extensive time off camera, I specialize in brand identity, brand campaigns, product marketing, and bold, compelling copy that makes people feel and take action:

  • Copywriting
  • Content Writing
  • Brand Identity
  • Creative Concept
  • SEO Writing
  • WordPress
  • HTML5
  • Direct Mail
  • Digital & Email
  • Social Posts
  • Messaging Playbooks
  • Packaging
Not available in stores

That’s because by day, I’m a mild-mannered, in-house copy guy. But by night, I can be anything to almost anyone. Are you almost anyone? Operators are standing by.

Fun fact: I was available in stores about 10 years ago. Specifically malls and airports. After asking Paul Donovan for a copy job at Brookstone with no experience (and an education that had nothing to do with copy), he took a chance that resulted in a work history I never really planned for:

I work with two other ACDs to bring help deliver on SNHU’s mission to transform the lives of our students with more affordable, flexible and acheivable high-quality education. We do it through broadcast, print, digital, social, content, audio, and brand positioning and strategy. We’re a hell of a team.

I was the lead copywriter creating and executing concepts for print, social, and digital campaigns. Mainly for PayPal, Bai, Stonyfield, Baxter Brewing, Timberland, New Hampshire Tourism, and the New Hampshire Lottery to name just a few.

Banks, hospitals and breweries, oh my. Such is the life of a copywriter at a mid-size, independent New Hampshire marketing agency. I also did my fair share of CPG work for brands like Barbara’s, Brown Cow and Sweet Baby Ray’s.

Brookstone was all about fun, unexpected products that made life better in fun, unexpected ways. From Bluetooth speaker pillows to elastic shoelaces to robotic vacuum cleaners, I told stories for thousands of tech, home, outdoor and wellness products.

I firmly believe every copywriter should start with SEO.  Because it teaches you write the way people think (and search). And if the ultimate goal is copy that gets inside the head of your audience, it helps to use words that are already there.

I worked with some of the largest publishing houses in the nation to manage editorial, copy, content, art, and all other aspects of university-level textbook production across all disciplines, but mostly in the nursing, life sciences and the humanities.

Limited time, only

Anyone willing to battle a venomous water snake in a 100-foot deep Mexican sinkhole, as shown in this hotly contested photo, may not be around forever. Of course, the rest of my life is far less interesting. With the exception of the fact that my dog, Chance, has more Instagram followers than I do.

And perhaps these things:

MA – Philosophy
Boston College / 2008


BA – Philosophy
Saint Anselm College / 2004


  • Philosophy Club President
  • Chess Club President
  • Lonergan Fellow
  • American Philosophical Society
  • American Bridge Association
  • United States Chess Federation

I’m also a super recognizer, but I’ve only been able to use it to create awkward interactions with strangers.

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